Order and Chaos

Written by Crimson

“Presidents who obsess over history, obsess about their place in it instead of forging it.”
~ Frank Underwood

I would like to begin with my thanks for all who voted me as your editor.
Let's have some fun!

Last week, there was order and there was chaos. Players making their marks and making their statements. Though events have died down somewhat, people and their feelings still remain. Who will be forgotten by the end of the round? Which ones of us will be remembered.
What is to come over the next seven days is anyone's guess.

Regardless, I will be right here, covering the biggest news and the most important stories.

We will have interviews and Q&A's, so you can have an insight to the depths of the game some of us don't have.
Personal advice will be given to help you further and better yourself, if you're not already there.
And though most of you aren't new, the hard questions will be asked. But will we ever get the answers?

Let's find out over this next week.

Q&A: Taranis

Written by Crimson

First off, let me thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
If you find you do not wish to answer any, I can understand.

No problem, fire away

Some players despise the fact that Surreal Consequences is dominating this round, does this bother or worry you?
Not at all. I spend the majority of the time in fam chat anyway! The only thing that I get annoyed about is when people make up things about us like "they don't care about their lower ranked members". They do it just to get more people to hate us to be honest.

Will you be retaining the position of Boss for rest of round?
I doubt it, I'm working a lot at the moment so I'll probably make Nick boss again soon

No one is invincible here, though you do have quite a standing at the top.
However, there must have been some moments that shook the family?

It's happened a few times that we've realised we're about to lose a few lower ranked members. However, I think only person has had dets on me or Nick. I'm pretty sure that was Gramps while he was in redemption, but we all know how that turned out

What are your plans for the next round?
I really haven't given it much though. I imagine there's a few people who are going to make it very difficult for people from my fam to prevent a repeat of this round

I don't want to be a Boss or an Underboss next round (but I said that about this round, last round) ?

Finally, we will be asking all current bosses this question.
What do you think of the family below you? (Mala del Brenta)

It seems like a pretty retarded family to me. I don't know how they managed to end up with no underboss and a boss who was inactive for 3 days. I'm shocked no one has taken advantage of that yet ?

Also, I notice that both Wayne and Beth are in that fam which says to me that times must be really hard outside of Surreal Consequences!

Advice Column

Written by Crimson

The only thing I have to say is DO NOT sell bullets.

Players need to realize that this is a game crime, they need not take it so personally. Some players hold grudges forever, I don't think that's the spirit of the game.

The game is pretty simple but this round i have learnt success is largely down to how you go about your business


My Advice to new players:
1) In order to save bribes (if you have any), do the crime which is most likely to pass first and the crime which is most likely to fail last.
2) Repair cars before crushing.
3) Once you've hit rank 20, do 40% on Car Dealership and go back to Gated Community till rank 25.
4) If your're new to the game, do 'Vote for us' every 2 days which give you 150 bullets per site (Total up to 1,500)
5) If you're under rank 10, avoid having over $10,000,000 simply because you could get killed.
6) Never tell anyone your bullet count but only your bosses if you trust them!

If you wish to participate in next issues Advice section, just send me a message.

Interview: LilMatt

Written by Crimson

[2:34 PM] aphlix: Hello
[2:35 PM] lilmatt: Hey, this works haha. How are you this morning?
[2:35 PM] aphlix: I'm good thanks, but it is half two here in the UK.
[2:35 PM] aphlix: Shall we begin?
[2:36 PM] lilmatt: Ah, I'm in NY. Very well, let's begin then.
[2:37 PM] aphlix: Great
[2:37 PM] aphlix: Firstly, following your recent attack, how have things changed for you, if any at all?
[2:38 PM] lilmatt: Like anything in life, when you're knocked down then you build back up. After all, it's just a game so the overall goal is to have fun.
[2:39 PM] aphlix: Of course. But do you agree some sincerity must be involved at times?
[2:43 PM] lilmatt: Some people react in different ways. But yes, maturity is good for all parties involved.
[2:43 PM] aphlix: Tell me a bit about your family.
[2:44 PM] lilmatt: Well my main focus on the family is simple. I wanted to create an environment for newer and older players alike to play GN to have fun and help each other out in unity. Everybody has a say and is informed of all activities and issues going on and everybody has a right to be treated equally to enjoy the game just as I do.
[2:46 PM] aphlix: That's great, I had a same principle when I started Dharma Legion. Are you ever going to assign an Underboss?
[2:47 PM] lilmatt: Yeah, it seems peoples greed have been quite apparent this round though. When someone shows that they can bring a positive attitude as well as loyalty to the table then I see it happening.
[2:49 PM] aphlix: Yes, people have their own agendas. When you find one that suits, great. What about you? What's your agenda for the rest of the round?
[2:50 PM] lilmatt: Bullets, bullets, and more bullets. I'm not an aggressor though. I just want to continue with my family and see it into the next round to begin anew.
[2:52 PM] aphlix: Well I wish you all the best. Is there anything you would like to add before we finish?
[2:52 PM] lilmatt: Sure, I am looking for an Underboss as you stated, so if anyone is interested then they may speak to me. Other then that, I wish everyone the best with the round and to enjoy as always.
[2:53 PM] aphlix: Thank you for your time.
[2:54 PM] lilmatt: And you as well.

The Funnies

Written by Crimson

Just a few GIF's to get away from the seriousness.