The End is Near

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GN News

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So, whats been doing down in the world of GangsterNation? Well OnoeCaponoe shot at kamikazipunk and died. MrDisTurBia shot at Outcast and died. Some people really need to learn about how many bullets they have to shoot!

In other news, PHX shot at Bob killed him, and then shot at Lisa23 and died in backfire.

Also, Bak got VIP in the Muffin Family, they like Muffins! He agreed to deposit 5,000 bullets each day into the family bank, when will people ever learn about making people VIP that they don’t know? Well I don’t know, he ran away with all their money in the bank. And then got shot and died.

Also, a poll for the reset has been released. As of when this issue was published Friday 13th July had been voted for the reset. Watch this space!

Pets Corner

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Awwww pets, I like animals. Do you like animals? Well I like them! I hope you do to!

So, whats this? Well Hooch’s little game station thing gave me an idea, I WANNA SEE PEOPLES PETS!

(No man snakes please, this is a child friendly issue)

So what have you got to do? Do you have a picture?

Or a video of your pet

Just send them to me! And I’ll put them in a safe place. I’ll be accepting profiles till around about Friday! So get sending them to me, the more the merrier and I’ll publish them all around that date to!

4 Pictures have been submitted so far

Guess the Gangster

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Well last issues winner was Rey with the correct guess of Darren. Unfortunately he wasn’t the only one that guessed, loads of people guessed! But Rey was first, then he died so I’ve had to find out his new account (isn’t usually hard you just find the suck up in chat) and I’ve now sent him the credits!

For this issue, I’ve spoke to infidel and we have added a wee twist. INFIDELS MADE THEM PRETTY <3

So who is it this time?


So what do you win if your correct? 4 Shiney credits. WOOOO and also a place in the next issue of the times.

Message me, and as always wrong answers are on my profile!

General News

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Hello there, welcome to the general news section with me, Hooch!.

Here is what i found this week....


and secondly....


And that is all for this week, i hope you enjoyed it!.

Profile Rating

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So for todays issue, I am rating Lostello’s profile! Click on his name to have a look.

So lets get rating!

Profile Content - Pretty profile, text makes no sense! 4/5

Picture Quality- Damn good
pictures, but what else do you expect off Rou? 5/5

Music - No idea what it is? Or what the guys saying! 1/5

Plainys Opinion - Personally I don’t like fish 1/5

Average Score - 2.75/5

Plainys video of the edition

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So Infidels been caught in Glasgow. What ever next?

If you have a video that you want to insert into the next issue then message me!

The GangsterNation Awards

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So, as you’ve all seen from the poll its near the end of the round. Everythings getting all exciting and stuff and this is going to be the easiest voting for the GangsterNation awards yet!

So what are you going to be voting for?

Player of the Round
Ranker of the round
Killer of the round
Family of the round
Boss of the round
Underboss of the round
Biggest Suck up
Most Helpful
Worst Killer
Biggest F#CK UP
WTF Moment of the round
Kill of the round
Worst player of the round
Most Annoying
Your Favourite Picture Maker
Best Username

If you have any more awards that you are think should be in the awards then message me as soon as possible.

So how do you vote? Well all you have to do is click on this link below!

So yeah, that’s it. Happy voting

A Word from the editor

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Well that’s the times issue done again! The GN Awards will be located in the forums also if you want to talk about it! Please don’t post who you’ve voted for there.

Thanks for voting, thank you to Infidel for making my picture pretty and thanks to hooch for doing some work! Enough said!

Much Love <3