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Hey Guys/Girls thank you for Voting For me as your new times editor much appreciated I will try to make The news important and not full of shit.. bring you events happening in GangsterNation And Around The World like.. Football scores and news headlines.





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Is this shit really a family deathmatch who knows can everyone be stocking or could everyone just be killing for fun. Who will the Last Family Satnding Be who knows we just going to have to wait and see


Surreal Consequences (44 Days) KingSlayer / Taranis 1,640 20/20
New Age Outlaws (22 Days) Sammiee / Roxy 88 13/20
The Rebel Alliance (11 Days) jinpachi / Blank 71 9/12
The Corleonesi (21 Days) Disturbia / Zara 4 10/10
Gehenna (28 Days) Anathem4 / Randy 4 10/15
Sacra Corona Unita (9 Days) Qwerty Aneko 0 8/8
Carl Matth Tend (1 Day) CMT / None 0 4/5
Dharma Legion (1 Day) Crimson / Marty 0 2/5
The transporters (1 Day) Transporter / None 0 2/5
Ghosts (19 Hours) Pluto / None 0 6/6

Surreal Consequences: ahead with amazing points Is KingSlayer Really on a mad mission or is he just a Psychopath?
Is it Really Possible To catch up to them?
Are they really killing off people in range of boss and underboss?

New Age Outlaws: is Sammiee really becoming a boss by changing New Age Outlaws?
Are they really on Roids with there levelling spree?

The Corleonesi: Not looking for trouble but will there actions take them far up the leaderboard?

Dharma Legion: Ran by the x boss of PanthersElite Crimson does he still have the skill to rise up?

AS FOR: Ghosts: The transporters: Carl Matth Tend: Who will be there next underboss? will they choose wise and take actions? ie: will they play it cool or start killing to rise up and get stronger?

Family Interviews

Written by Semtex


Surreal Consequences:By Kingslayer
The family is based upon a group of 20 players and i trust every single one of them; that is why they are all VIP's. I believe the key to our success was the selective recruitment, we have a large amount of good rankers/stockers; and even if they dont rank/stock as much as others they still get involved.
The family has a boss and underboss but the players i recruit have a good understanding of the game from experience so i dont have to guide them much at all. At this moment in time mine and taranis's role is to provide a strong core for the family and to be the guys who can organize a war and instruct the members of what needs to be done.

At the start of the round i had no plans and after speaking to taranis we agreed we did not want to be boss and underboss of a family but then no families we could join were created and we heard panthers elite were being made but both beth and akasha were busy so me and tom suggested that we start it for them and when they have chance to play they can take over.

We had a good start getting a good bunch of rankers together and we dropped a family or two at the start after being shot at. Some time after we had a war with Mara Salvatrucha; it was a successfull war and we eliminated all of there high ranks without many deaths.

After this me and taranis were out of range of all the other rankers with the rank rule being 10. At this point we decided we would continue ranking to 50 and then shoot ever player who ranked in range of us taking out there family with them.

After this there was a disagreement with the panther elite owners over the way the second family was handled and the owner decided to leave and take some members with them

after this there was a person in range of us and the game plan kind of stalled but as soon as they left we agreed we would continue it

So a couple of days ago we killed the new Panthers Elite and Chaos meaning that once again no one is in range.

Our gameplan is and always will be to shoot anyone who gets in range and any other high ranks from there family.

So the only people/families we will shoot will be the players who reach around level 40 and families that shoot at us.

If they reach level 40 and they are not in this family they will be shot; no exceptions.

I shall base this upon skill of the game and not friendship...

I would have to say my favorite player is Taranis....

He returned about 3/4 rounds ago and since then the majority of his accounts have reached level 50. He has one of the best ethics on the game i have ever seen and he is certainly one of the most consistent i have ever seen. As well as that he is one of the people i trust most on the game so if i had to say one player it would definitely be him.

The Corleonesi:by Disturbia
I'd like to think we a friendly family that all others get on with and go as far as we can together with out being dropped.

Our plans are pretty simple, we are easy going, we do not plan any trouble and always look out for each other, we give anyone other than troublemaker a go in our fam, members are also asked not to be disrespectful to any other member.

Off Course Zara as we have played the game for 6 years together, and in that time you make some great friends, i admire what Akasha has achieved over the years, and this round i do admire what Kingslayer and Taranis have done so far.

Dharma Legion:By Crimson
I was boss and underboss of the late Elite Panthers family,
I learnt quite a few things during my time there.
And that is to trust and make as close to 0 mistakes as you can.
But still, be ordered and casual. Making it fun.
Until those odd days things go awry.

So now, with Dharma Legion. It's best to know your members before hand and just expect anything to happen and be ready.

No goals or achievements really. Just exist and have fun.
We don't wanna get in anyone's way or vice versa. Sometimes it does come to that. And that's why you have to choose your members carefully.

We're just here to have a good time and some fun. After all it is a game.
But we would take it serious is provoked.

Oh you know when this is published, the name I give would not make everyone happy. We all want to be someone's favourite.

I've met some amazing people, some ridiculously pathetic ones, too.
But I am entirely grateful for the few that have stuck by me and helped me every day. It is them, collectively, that are my favourite.

I wouldn't be where I was with out them. And they know who they are.

The Betrayal Of Family Fortune

Written by Semtex

It all began on day 49.. Whitenames decided to put his trust in his friend/family member Subzero. Why did he? We will never no... Whitenames changed Subzeros position from Normal Member to VIP Member in faith that he help the family expand in a good way. Subzero told his Boss Whitenames that he was going to set Detecs on Kinggy and kill him. Whitenames told him not to do this and trusted that he would listen.He was wrong. Whilst Whitenames was AFK Subzero saw this as the perfect opportunity to empty the family bank of 136million, kick most of the family and shoot 253k bullets at Kinggy killing him. Subzero then went into the main chat boasting about what he had done and told people that The AGO where plotting to take down SC in a bid to get the family taken out.

When Whitenames came back to his laptop he realised what had happened and took it upon himself to track Subzero down and kill him. With this his detectives come back 'located'. Without a second thought he travelled to the state Subzero was in and shot 80k bullets at Subzero killing him. This then led to the death of Whitenames as Jinpachi saw the oppertunity to kill him by shooting what we only no as 50-100k bullets. In the words of Jinapchi "A Weak Easy Kill"

What will become of the killings between Day 49-50? Only time will tell...

We asked the Betrayer himself to speak up and these are his words:
First of all, i betrayed them because i was gonna quit very soon anyway and i got made vip and there was 136mill sat in the fam bank looking me straight in eyes ? i didnt shoot boss or UB because they were too high level i couldnt be arsed ranking that high and rey is just a tit anyway i dont like him ? if i told you who i hid the money with i'd have to kill you and if i went back a few days i would of shot half as much at rey and then fenn would of died in my BF aswell and it would of been hilarious
im quitting after this account anyway so i just thought fuck it i may aswell have some fun before i go lol i was gonna quit after that last account but i had creds left and a shit load of money to spend lmao... its nothing personal against anyone so sorry for fucking yous up x

Would you forgive and forget?!

Words from a fellow friend...
This was not nice to do, a fam in a great position, and then someone comes and does that. this should be a lesson again to all of us. Be careful with who we put VIP

Quick word from Sammiee the new boss of NAO
If anything all I can say is that this happening has just made our family stronger and pull together. I don't thank Subzero for what he has done, & I don't blame White for trusting him.
Shit Happens