The Division

Written by Plainy


GangsterNation News

Written by Plainy

Well, I was worrying a tad I would not have anything to write about for this issue, but something came up!

With many people giving up on the round so far, something has given those people a slight measure of hope. That being the division of Panthers Elite…

It’s a strange one really, it all started off with the “other” family. Basically certain members of the family got too big for their shoes and thought it was a single stand alone family. This did not go down well with certain members, within Panthers Elite and they organised to have the family dropped. Because it wasn’t working as planned.

This upset Carolina, she then refused to rejoin Panthers Elite. Later on in the evening GlowBulb killed a current member of Panthers Elite, Aplix, and then was dispatched by Head. KingDavid was shot by LuckyLuciano, who died in his backfire. This was how they responded to having their family dropped.

After much discussion though out the day, regarding Carolina coming back to the family, and her deciding that she did not want to. Some members decided that they did not want to stay in the family without Carolina, and left to join her shortly after the original Panthers Elite (of the round) changed their name to Surreal Consequences, and a new family was made. Panthers Elite.

The only real way Panthers Elite was going to fall this round, was by arguing between themselves and splitting up. This is exactly what has happened. How will the round play out now? Well we have about 100 days to find out! Getting exciting eh!


In other news. KingSlayer has made rank 50. Again.

Classy died in KingDavids backfire, and also Shitler was dispatched by Plainy (YEAH THAT’S ME!) after he had shot at walker with many o’s and x’s.

And that’s a wrap!

GN Christmas Times

Written by Plainy

Well! Before christmas, there was a promise from the Jordan clan to do a times issue.

So a month later, here it is, with the Mikeys aswell!


A Session with Plainy (Part 1)

Written by Plainy

So, this is my first interview in a long time. What has happened? Have I lost my touch? Read and decide for yourselves! Today in a session with Plainy we have Phizz, most commonly known as Phizzent of Phil joining me in the not so comfy chair. So lets do this shall we?

Plainy: Good evening and welcome to “A Session with Plainy” how are you today?

Phiz: I'm not too bad, yourself?

Plainy: I’m dandy thanks. So lets get the big question out of the way, what do you think of the round so far?

Phiz: So far it has been pretty shocking really, the things that have happened in my opinion has set someone up, but can't prove it so its best left behind i suppose. Other than that, its been quite interesting.

*Plainy smells a story

Plainy: Why do you think it’s been shocking? And who has been set up? You can’t just leave it like that!

*Phiz quits

Well, I suppose he can just leave it like that. He has quit the game, never bother replying to me when he has been online. Rather rude. I want to know more, you know more? Message me!

An Interesting Name

Written by Plainy


GN Quiz: The Results

Written by Plainy

So, for all you budding gangsters in the world. Here are the answers to the GN challenge from last week!

1) Name all 4 hobbits who are part of the fellow ship of the ring

Sam, Frodo, Pippin and Merry

2) How old is Rey? Really?

16 (would of also accepted anything from the range of 11 - 14)

3) Is Gromit a dog of a cat?


4) What is 163 X 431?


5) What was the order that the emperor issues in Revenge of the sith?

Order 66

6) Name at least 3 different Robins (Batman's sidekick)

Dick Grayson, Tim Drank, Jason Todd, Damien Wayne, Stephanie Brown or Helena Wayne

7) How many families have their been so far this round (day 37)?


8) How many of those families have PE taken out?


9) Name one family that was ran by Sean and Plainy

Annihilation, Unnatural Selection, Unspeakable Visions, The Immortals (just to name a few)

10) What is the square root of 49?


We had 2 players playing, Lies came second with a 5/10, she couldn't be arsed answering the rest of the questions. and LuckyU came first with 6/10 (but she did think Rey was 20!)

General News

Written by Plainy

Welcome to the General News section with me, KingSlayer!.







And that's all the general news for this issue!

The GN Challange

Written by Plainy

The GN challenge for this issue, worth once again is $1,000,000 is this!

I want you to message me with the funniest joke you know! Easy as that, Message me with it, and it will be in the next issue.

So, nice and easy, your best joke, and in the next issue, the winner will be announced and you will receive your $1,000,000.

I will choose an expert judging panel to make the choice, but go ahead and have a go! Good luck!

A Session with Plainy (Part 2)

Written by Plainy

Well, after the fail of the last interview, going to try this one out now.

*Plainy walks into the room and finds KingDavid sat waiting for him to reveal all the answers

Plainy: Good evening and welcome to a Session with Plainy, how are you today?

KingDavid: Torn like a peice of paper

Plainy: Yeah I can imagine, would you like to give us the low down of events from your point of view?

KingDavid: Would rather just leave things as is, less drama for me lol

*Plainy sighs

Plainy: But that's boring and people want to know what happened!

KingDavid: Simples, Beth wanted to have her fam so she broke off and made it

Plainy: Do you think that Surreal Consequences is any worse off now you and a few other members have left? And do you think you’ve made yourself an easy target?

*Plainy would like to point out KingDavid has been shot at twice in the past 24 hours

KingDavid: nah, SC will do perfectly fine without us. Easy target i wouldnt call it that, its not like our fams all left their bullets behind in SC

Plainy: But you have made yourselves more of a target? There is a lot of hate towards PanthersElite, and people will surely take advantage that both yourself and your boss are in range of 20 ranks.

KingDavid: People have shot before, nothing new...its up to us to keep the ball rollin’

Plainy: Fair point, one more question regarding whats happened I promise! Do you think you’ll come to regret your decision?

KingDavid: nah, i love both fams. Would have loved for it to grow more, but then who else would be competition?

Plainy: Superb! Right onto the important stuff. Is your name Jack or David?

KingDavid: Real name David, Just liked the Character JackSkellington so i stood with jack ?

Plainy: Okay, time for some questions from the players!

Heres the first one i had in:

Dirk: Did you leave just to get the gold family guy medal?

KingDavid: Had it when i was boss of no

Plainy: Sammie wants to know, which old school player are you glad to be back playing on GN?

KingDavid: You

*Plainy blushes

Plainy: One last question. This one is from KingSlayer. Wasn’t sure if I should put this in, but I am!

Why did you agree Elite Panthers should be dropped then sided with Carolina when she was angry it had been dropped?

KingDavid: I agreed the fam was needed to be dropped, but wasnt entirely up to me. No offence to myself but when am i ever really asked and taken into consideration in decisions like this? I left with beth because to begin with i joined Panthers Elite...not nicks fam and co. which i dont regret cause i love you all, but i was originally there because beth had asked me and as much as the game has lost their loyalty. I havent?

Plainy: Well hopefully that will answer some peoples questions and give a few others some more answers.

Thank you for your time!

*Plainy grabs his coat and walks out

A word from the editor

Written by Plainy

Sweet Jesus we've had 2 issues in the space of a week!


Seriously thought, what is going on? My last issue got 5 stars out of 5 stars. A first in the history of GangsterNation!

Thank you all for your voting, and thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Do you have some gossip?

A funny picture?

A hilarious video?

Some banter from chat?

Message Plainy and it might appear in the times!

Do you want to be part of guess the gangster? Then message me with your picture, and some clues about you!

Finally, do you have what it takes to be a sub editor? Then once again, MESSAGE ME!

Cheers guys!

Plainy x