It's Been A While

Written by Plainy



Written by Plainy

Hi guys! Thanks for voting for me.

Want to know what made me come back? The lack of issues that have been published this round. I wanted to change that and bring the times back to what it was! Fun, something worth a read, which was something I enjoyed to do once upon a time.

So what can you expect from me?

I'm not going to make grand promises of an issue every day, thats just unrealistic and very time consuming. Instead I'm going to aim at 2 a week. Minimum. If something major happens then you'll get a bonus issue within that week!

What is there to expect from this issue?

Well, going to give you the low down of whats happened so far this round, a cheeky little competition, my view on bullet stores and more importantly PE. And hopefully an interview.

If the interview isn’t published in this issue, it will defiantly be in the next. As I type this right now, I am waiting for my interviewee to come back online to continue answering my questions.

We also have Nick back, with his news section, and that’s about it I think.


This round so far

Written by Plainy

I just want to apologise if I miss anything out from the start.

This is going to be slightly hard, and as I will admit, I have a biased opinion when writing what has exactly happened throughout the first 37 days of the round.

I will miss a fair bit, but I promise you, I haven’t missed it out because its boring, I missed it out purely because I didn’t know about it.

So the round so far has been dominated by Panthers Elite. Has there been chance for the round not to be dominated by one family? Yes there has. No one stood up for themselves from the start. But let’s get on with what has happened.

Many families have started, few have lasted.

So from the start we go. The Disciples are where we start the story. The Disciples had picked up a number of blackjacks and Panthers Elite (PE) decided that that they had too many. So PE shot at them. Badman took out iKlunk and picked up one Blackjack table and one bullet store. Not a bad hall for one kill.

Later on, the deciders decided to take out the disciples. So this makes things about 10 times easier now, as both families with the initials TD are now out of the equation.

Next on my list was Core10. Onk decided he wanted to shoot at PE and left Core10 to die in Jacks backfire. This was not wise, as later on PE decided to take out Core10. This has caused a lot of controversy since, with a lot of backfire wasting from ex-core10 members. The big hitters in this war was Jack who took out the boss of Core10 which was Phizzent band then Choke who took out Joey. Core10 becoming no more.

Mara Salvatrucha went next. There were rumours that MS had decided to shoot at PE, Rumours that got acted upon. Purrfection took out SexusDeus and Chaos killed Freckles. The Empire was next to fall in a round which has been mostly dominated by one family. Iwalker taking out 3 members of the family. Boss, UB and one holding a blackjack. Lad.

There was a plot being planned whilst all this went down. Unfortunatly this plot got told to the wrong person, who then went against her very own family and leaked information to PE. Also there was 2 rank 40’s who were both in range of the only 2 rank 50’s on the game. Both redemption and the Yakuza. Badman and Nicolas took out Gramps and Scotty respectively, then MasterCard and Purrfection wiped CactusJack and PsychoKitty.

Then, a whole new chapter to the story unfolded. Taranis got a level 50 detective event telling him that Claive had just located Elfish. After much discussion Taranis thought he convinced Claive not to shoot, but he did. Carpe Dorme were no more shortly after. Mainly because Asylum decided he was not going to be loyal to his friends of his family, and made an inactive member boss, left the family and then “ quit ” but still logs on every day.

For revenge of killing their friends, and the fact that they were closing in on rank 40. KingSlayer decided to drop down rank, and took out twerk single handedly. Shortly after KingSlayer dropping his rank instinct aka Garhy decided to drop all businesses and drop the blackjack his family owned. Probably stole the family bank also. So nothing was gained from this family take out.

If you want to look into more detail of all Panthers Elites exploits throughout the round, further down in this issue is an image that Taranis has made and updates regularly with all the kills that Panthers Elite members have made so far (including their deaths and backfire kills)

A cute picture of Dog's in PJ's

Written by Plainy

Just to break things up. Here you go:


Quick Quiz!

Written by Plainy

10 questions, some GN related, some not so GN related. First person to answer all 10 correctly wins $1,000,000!

1) Name all 4 hobbits who are part of the fellow ship of the ring

2) How old is Rey? Really?

3) Is Gromit a dog of a cat?

4) What is 163 X 431?

5) What was the order that the emperor issues in Revenge of the sith?

6) Name at least 3 different Robins (Batman's sidekick)

7) How many families have their been so far this round (day 37)?

8 ) How many of those families have PE taken out?

9) Name one family that was ran by Sean and Plainy

10) What is the square root of 49?

All answers should be submitted to Plainy. You are only allowed one attempt. Everyone that is correct will get a mention in the next times issue!

Good luck!

General News

Written by Plainy

Welcome to the General News section with me, KingSlayer!.





And that's all the general news for this issue!

The Bullet Store Conundrum

Written by Plainy

Bullet stores. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, a very marmite like relationship. Been thinking about them for a long time, and the whole fact that one family has ran the game. I once got this all out of me, and wrote a hell of a lot of rubbish about them.

How have they changed the game? Well a lot of people in past rounds have been asking for more kills, saying the game is Facebook but with a gun feature. Everyone loved to rank, no one loved to kill. The introduction of Bullet Stores being player owned, and not dropping themselves after a few days has something that hasn’t been on gangster nation since the days of beta.

Has the amount of kills gone up before this with a new feature? Yes it has. Cast your collective memories back a couple of rounds, the first full round with Life Insurance implemented on it. A lot of players moaned about Life Insurance being too over powered. 70% was too much. But it still got a lot of use out of it. And there was an increase of top level kills in that round to. People lost the fear of loosing their account, because they knew they could get most of their current level back from Life Insurance.

This round it is the bullet stores. Everyone wants one. You can make a lot of money from owning one of these bad boys, are they worth killing for? Yes. Do they possibly give out too much money? Yes! But isn’t that the point? If you own one of these, you have to be the best of the best, not someone who doesn’t want to play full time. If you don’t have the required bullets to hold onto one, you are probably going to die.

Onto more pressing issues regarding the bullet stores. One family owns pretty much all of the stores on the game. Why is this? Purely because they have taken advantage of how the game has changed in the past couple of rounds. Mike has said, he has changed the game to make it more around kill, because it’s what people wanted. Now the killing is back, people are moaning. There are a few people who have moaned, and I know for fact that they wanted the killing back. Its just that person got killed himself and got his panties in a bunch.

Onto the one family who has dominated the game so far. Has there been chances for that family to be taken out? The answer is yes. What is the difference in Panthers Elite that other families haven’t had? Well loyalty is the answer. A lot of people may disagree with this, but it’s a fact. When families were taken out by PE, what did members of that family do? They didn’t care, they had the chance to shoot back and did not take it, they made a new family.

So the question is, how is PE going to be stopped this round? I don’t know the answer to it. Will it happen? Will we see for the first time a family completely dominate a whole round? I hope not, but why don’t we find out.

Video of the issue

Written by Plainy

So, this is a bit out dated, and i guess a lot of people have seen it already. But i still like it!

This funny thing happened to Phil on the way to find Thors Hammer:

Panthers Elite Kill List

Written by Plainy

So here it is, as promised:


A Word from Plainy

Written by Plainy

So thats a wrap!

Thanks for reading.

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