Game Setups and some more!

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Gaming Setups with Hooch!

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Hello there, Welcome to the Gaming section with me, Hooch!.

Last issue i asked the viewers to send me in pictures of your GN/Gaming Setups; heres what i recieved.

CameroN: with his Netflix!

Krypton: with his GN on flatscreen

Saviour: Looking casual

Would like to say thank you to CameroN, Krypton and Saviour for sending in pictures of there setups.

Thats it from me; Hooch! and i hope you enjoyed it!

GN News

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Welll then! The GangsterNation news. I’ve been talking to PHX a bit this week, and I missed out something very important in the last issue, the whole no more of The Dark Republic! DUMDUMDUUMMMM.

So what happened? Well lets start, PHX has a massive argument with TrueLegend, because Truelegend said he had a massive penis, which clearly isn’t true, and the fact that TrueLegend has been threatening and arguing with members from Panthers Elite (Who he still thinks he can kill and make a dent in their family). PHX was having none of it, so she left the family. Infidel being there, didn’t really want to own another family that wasn’t his so he disbanded it. Such a shame! The Dark Republic no more.

Some notable deaths on the Game Stats when I’m writing this issue is Thrush, committed suicide then re-signed up. Will never get that! And again the same with Scotty opened fire on Roy, and obviously died in his backfire, nothing will come of that! And finally CunnyFunt. He likes to commit suicide then come back the next day as well!

Well that’s it from the news!

What The Fuck?

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Guess the gangster

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So guess the gangster, the last gangster was Quinny, which no one guessed successfully.

This weeks Gangster is this charming fella!


Well some clues, his mommy plays! He’s older then he is here, and he reminds me of a member of a certain iconic band full of teenage boys!

The winner (person who guesses first) Will win 4 credits. WOOOOOO! Yes that’s 4 credits!

So message me with your guesses, wrong guesses will appear on my profile!

Hooch's General News

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Welcome to the General News section with me, Hooch!.

I have been browsing through the general news this week and here are the best two articles i have come across.

Firstly, This is an article about a man who was on a Ryan Air Flight (Travelling in style) and he bought a scratch card and won. I know right? couldn't be happier! doesn't have to travel with Ryan air again! but winning wasn't that simple...


Good one, Bro!

Secondly is about some frustrated Lebanese Protesters; they wanted to solve there problem so they decided to protest. The right choice ? You would think so.


I hear, they are organising a protest for the protests about the protests! should sort there problems out.

Plainys Video of the Edition

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So, as I’m obviously a massive 1 direction fan, and found this video on the internet, and absolutely loved it, I thought I should share it with everyone here!

So yeah, there it is! If you have a video you want to share, then please do message me!

Profile on Profile - Hooch vs Cameron

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Profile on profile, Man on Man (or boy on boy) and not the dirty kind either! This is Cameron vs. Hooch for the profile rating. So what are we rating these to lovely boys profiles on?

Profile Content
Picture Quality
Plainys Opinion

So lets start with Cameron first! Click his name to look at his profile

Profile Content - Pictures, text and music. Not random text and pictures that have something to do with his profile 5/5

Picture Quality - Superb pictures, 5/5

Music - Tune 4/5

Plainys Opinion - Perfect profile pretty much 5/5

Average score 4.75/5

Now its time for Hooch, again click his name to see it!

Profile Content - Rather pretty profile, everything’s there again and even a funky music thing! 5/5

Picture Quality - Cool pictures, something different! 4/5

Music - My favourite kooks song 5/5

Plainys Opinion - Well I’m in love with his profile, just needs to get rid of those stupid line things and maybe get a more suited music listened to box! 4/5

Average score 4.5/5

So yeah, some pretty damn high scores right there! If you want to take part in the next issues profile rating, then message me (I will do no more then 2 profiles, so first 2 will get it!)

Pets Corner

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Awwww pets, I like animals. Do you like animals? Well I like them! I hope you do to!

So, whats this? Well Hooch’s little game station thing gave me an idea, I WANNA SEE PEOPLES PETS!

(No man snakes please, this is a child friendly issue)

So what have you got to do? Do you have a picture? (Like this)


Or a video of your pet (like this)

Just send them to me! And I’ll put them in a safe place. I’ll be accepting profiles till around about Friday! So get sending them to me, the more the merrier and I’ll publish them all around that date to!

A Word from the editor

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Well, that’s a wrap for me, thanks again to my 2 wonderfully good looking contributors. Thanks for reading, and hopefully thanks for getting involved with the issue. If you want your own bits put in then just message me and I am sure I can arrange something!

Keep voting! And rate 5/5! ?