Gangsters Story part 1

Written by Joey


Gnsville part 1

Written by Joey

Writen and Edited By Joe jordan exclusivly for GangsterNation

Ok so i guess its best to start at the beginning, as in the middle shit happens and you wont have a clue why.

Well this is Gnsville, not a big town but by no means a small one either, it is run predominately by the Family's. we do have a police force most of whom a crooked but we will see them later.

I came her not as a youngster and definitely naive to the ways of a gangster, each family was up and running and each had there own turf with a hideout. not all the hideouts were the same, some was a luxury buildings with bars, food and many more of the finer things in life. and some was just an old abandoned trailer on the edge of the motorway.

So the town itself, well lots of crime, lots of cars being stolen and crushed for there metal content. muggings, police chase's, illegal boxing and killings. All part of the normal day to day events in our Gnsville.

There are many story's to be told about this place and i will i'm sure diverse into them as we go on but for now i am gonna tell this through my eyes, so i guess i better introduce myself. I'm Sparky i have had many names in the past but this is the one i'm gonna stick with for now at least. I was a down and out and living on the streets in New York, when i bumped into an old Friend Lenny, really nice guy, and boy has he got a story for everything. So he took me for a bite to eat and a drink. It was then that he started telling me of a town not to far away where the opportunities for a man like myself were many.We got talking about all the small crimes that went unnoticed and then all the Bank robberies in towns and citys all around Gnsville, and how the coppers were powerless withing the city boundries as the GNPD was run by the bigest crook of them all.

Lenny got up after a few cold ones and left $10k in a brown envelope on the table, put his hat on winked at the bar maid and walked away. i knew at that moment i would be seeing him again real soon.

Ask the Family's

Written by Joey

Welcome to Ask the Family.
This is the bit where i ask all the Bosses and Underbosses the same queston and see what they come up with.

Today question?
Day 45
If you had to change your family name, what would it be?
The Cartel.

Boss PhizZenT.
I don't think I would ever change the name, I've used this family name before ?
sorry, i completely misread your question :lol: if i had to change my family name, i'd probably choose La Cosa Nostra ?

Underboss Lovely.


Boss Scotty.

Underboss Bricky

The Second Sons.

Boss Balerion.
Unnatural Selection

Because were all selected unnaturally babeh!

Underboss Nakai

Le Allibratori.

Boss Joey
Probably go back to something like Grumpy Old Gits, because lets face it we are ?

Underboss Donshaw.
not at the moment nope


. Boss joelev2.
No comment

Underboss Soldier

Renegades Unite.

Boss BigCease.

Underboss Catastrophe.
reptune gangster

Boss temporeturns.
no comment but i wouldnt change the name ?

Underboss Zelda.

A child and his mother.

Written by Joey

A curious child asked his mother: “Mommy, why are some of your hairs turning grey?”

The mother tried to use this occasion to teach her child: “It is because of you, dear. Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs grey!”

The child replied innocently: “Now I know why grandmother has only grey hairs on her head.”


I fell off a 50 ft ladder today ... Thank God I was on the bottom step.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution and I shall end with this.
If you believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.

Sci-fi - Abe

Written by Joey


Its like Silence of the Lambs with a robot.

Creepiness Rating - 10/10

chat spots

Written by Joey

<Infidel> my bank card does that
[03:15:50 PM] <Mousie> you have to please you woman?

Rainbow> curran if i wanted to hear a asshole speak... i would have farted hunni


The Eyeball Forker

Written by Joey

Breanna, a notorious gangster of this great nation, has been given a prison sentence of 25 years without parole. She was witnessed on the streets of Flint, MI, pulling out innocent civilians' eyeballs and throwing them at police officers.

It is estimated that Bre has removed around 2,500 eyeballs from peoples heads in the last 7 days. She was finally caught on 19th September by a SWAT team with the help of the SS, the CIA, the FBI, the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Air Force.

As she was being arrested, she was heard to shout out "John and Wayne, watch your backs, I'm going to seriously fork up your eyeballs."

The GN Times also spoke to the warden of the maximum security prison she is being held at, who told us that the "Eyeball Forker" has to kept in solitary at all times after ripping out the eyeballs of seventeen inmates in 4 minutes of being at the prison.

We believe that the Eyeball Forker is the reason why Flint is thought to be the most dangerous place in America.

Need a Good Sub

Written by Joey

As Some of you may notice i dont do as many issues as i would like to, so i am looking for a good sun editor to maybe make his or her own issues that i can edit and publish for you.

So even if you only want to do one issue please let me know and have a go, i will help you with any technical issues and advice as you go.

Whats the worse that can happen ;q

Thanks all

Written by Joey

If you have any GN scandal or gossip Or anything you would like to announce in the times, or just have your say then please message me with your news.

The more info you guys give me the more i can talk and write about.

And if you like what you have seen then remember it will only get better so please vote for Joey as your editor

thanks for watching and reading.

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