GN Cup Draw

Written by Joey



Written by Joey

Fallen Joke

Written by Joey

Sent into me by Fallen.

This is a frightening statistic, probably one of the most worrisome in recent years .... 25% of women are on medication for mental illness. That is scary .... It means 75% of the fuckers are running about untreated.

the company war

Written by Joey

Loads of people died and shit went down. and it was quite possible stuff happened.

scotty hits 50

Written by Joey

Congratulation From the Times on being the first to reach Rank 50 this round ?

short boss

Written by Joey

Found this amusing, not sure if there is a record for the shortest reigne but if there was i think he beat it

11:55:42 PM: Bre has left Riba Cisterna. There was no underboss to take over so the family split up.

11:10:18 PM: Elfish was killed whilst in Riba Cisterna. Bre has now taken over as the family boss.
11:08:10 PM: Bre was made the underboss of Riba Cisterna.
10:51:46 PM: Bre was made the underboss of Riba Cisterna.
10:51:37 PM: Bre joined Riba Cisterna.
10:50:18 PM: Elfish has started up Riba Cisterna.

mouse in da house

Written by Joey

MissCarla was in family chat saying she has a mouse in her house and she says she was freaking out and trying to hit it with a rolling pin but dont want it dead could you put that in the times.

and we think she might of looked like this with out the rolling pin when she seen it.

Thanks all

Written by Joey

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