Someone Tripped over

Written by Joey


No GNTV Video today guy Sorry will get one done again soon

Headline Story Part 1

Written by Joey

Well what a couple of days its been, As much as i would like to take all the credit someone else did this report on the going on in Gnsville.....

It started with Scotty target extorting Walker several time, beth messaged Trip asking if ihe's going to do anything about it blah blah blah, Trip said no, it's part of the game and that he have no sympathy for walker as he's a cheat. Trip's words not mine.....

So then beth stats saying she'll sort it her self because Trip incapable of sorting it, she also went on to say Trip has no backbone and that he has his head up scottys arse? She's crazy ?

Scotty hired detectives on beth and killed her taking another BJ table too ?

deciding it was just best to drop the family
Trip and John hired dets on Walker and Drik a while after scotty hired on beth, Trip and john's dets came back about 30mins after scotty killed beth, john shot first and killed walker, as soon as Trip saw the event saying john had killed walker and taken 2 businesses Trip shot dirk and killed him.

Beth then messages Trip with more crap that makes no sense whatsoever, she claims on her Life Insurance sends Trip some disrespect removes protection and shoots Trip, she dies in his BF, comes back, claims on her LI, sends Trip some more disrespect.

Trip did thank her for the money she gave me when she died in my BF, because he is a gent.


MrSexusSlag22 killed Ascendancy and John

donshaw from the same family as Them got the ws and killed sexus


Written by Joey


Tournament, For all GN players

Xbox Only(sorry guys)

1 Million, Entry Fee, Money goes into a Pot

Winner Takes ALL

For More Information, Contact CurraN or Scotty


Part 2

Written by Joey

So Then more shit happened when ERBY was asked to kill SexusDeus when he was the boss of Renegades Unite.

12 mins before detectives came in on the boss and underboss, CarolinaKat was made the boss of Renegades Unite.

and then seeing as Infidel found both Bruno who was underboss and Cobra he shot and killed them

Then after all this CarolinaKat who was searched but luckily travelled before being shot eventually left Renegades Unite. They had no underboss to take over so the family split up.


Written by Joey

I have had a request for a cute Puppy from Andrew


Old Killer gets his guns out again

Written by Joey

<Erby> like that long range shooting how long as that been round for ?

<Scotty> yeah its cool

<Scotty> and i think since last round

<Joey> :lol: that is now in the times

"Erby dusted his gun of and found a new feature that's been here for a few rounds"

JoeyJays Sports betting

Written by Joey

JoeyJay's Bookies

Hi all and welcome to my bookmakers. Some of you will know how this works and some of you wont so this is a run down on how to make a bet with JoeyJay's.

Step 1, You send me a request to bet on what you want to bet on.(can be anything i can find the correct odds for, football is a favourite)

ie, Chelsea to beat Hull city 2-1

Step 2, i will check the odds ect and send these to you with the max bet i will accept on this(i have to make sure i can cover it)

ie, 10/1 max bet $50,000 potential return = $550,000

Step 3, You send me the cash to make your bet with a message saying what your bet is.

ie, Erby has sent you $50,000 cash (following a 10% tax deduction from $40,000).
The following reference was attached: Chelsea to beat Hull 2-1

Step 4, i will copy it all and add into the forum as your ticket

Step 5, If your team wins send me a message and claim your winnings.

Terms and conditions
if you send me any money without first checking odds i will send you back your cash minus a small handling charge less tax.
please not the above example is just that an example
any winnings is only payable to the account that made the bet, so if you die tuff.
terms and conditions are subject to change as and when they need to
always read the small print

Editors Question

Written by Joey

Hi JoeyJay Times Editor
Please note, this is a times question and 100% promise it will only be used in the times
Please note: anything you say can and maybe used in the times, if you have nothing to say then please say "no comment" as i will then know i am not being ignorred. and always read the small print.

I wanted to let you all know that if you get a message starting with above bit, no matter what family i am in anything you say to me when i send you this message it will only ever be used in the Times. I 100% Promise each and every one of you that i will not say anything to anyone other than report in the Times about it.

Thank you

Written by Joey

If you have any GN scandal or gossip Or anything you would like to announce in the times, or just have your say then please message me with your news.

The more info you guys give me the more i can talk and write about.

And if you like what you have seen then remember it will only get better so please vote for Joey as your editor

thanks for watching and reading.

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