The Prison

Gangster Nation has a prison and if your heat builds up you will find yourself in it! If you are in prison, other gangsters can bust you out or you can bribe the guards to let you out early.


The amount of heat you have on your gangster can be seen on all pages on Gangster Nation and is shown as the orange bar. The higher your heat is the more likely you are to end up in prison after attempting a crime. Your heat will increase as you attempt crimes. As you progress through the levels your heat will increase at a faster rate after every crime. If you get thrown into prison your heat will reset back to 0%.


When you aren't in prison yourself, you can bust out gangsters who are in prison. You gain level points for busting and you can do so every 25 seconds so it's a very good way to earn level points and rank up fast quickly.

Busting chance

You can bust other gangsters out of prison when you aren't in prison. The chance you have of successfully busting out another gangster is shown as a green bar under their name in the prison. The maximum chance you can have for busting is 90%.

Level points

If you successfully bust another gangster out the level points you receive depends on their level and your bust streak. You get more level points for higher level busts. You will also get a bonus point depending on your bust streak - 1 bonus point for every 5 busts in your streak.

Wait timer

The time you must wait in-between busting is 25 seconds. However, you can buy the Busting Steroids perk from the Credit Store to reduce you busting wait timer by 5 seconds for 50 attempts. The perk costs 5 credits.


When you are in prison the only way to come out before the timer ends is by using prison bribes or being busted out by another gangster. You can get bribes by:

  • Buying them from The Prison
  • Buying them from auctions
  • Winning them in Scratch & Wins
  • Winning them in RPS
  • Buying them from the Credit Store (1 credit gives you 5 bribes)
  • Killing another gangster (you receive all their bribes)

When buying bribes from The Prison it will cost you $10k per bribe and you are limited to purchasing 15 per hour. You can also transfer bribes to other gangsters through the Bribes tab on the The Prison page.


The Master Buster and Precision Buster accolades can be earned through busting gangsters out of prison.

Master Buster

  • Bronze: Bust 50 people out of prison.
  • Silver: Bust 500 people out of prison.
  • Gold: Bust 5,000 people out of prison.

Precision Buster

  • Bronze: Reach a bust streak of 10.
  • Silver: Reach a bust streak of 20.
  • Gold: Reach a bust streak of 30.