Property Protection

Gangster Nation Guide

The property protection system allows a gangster to “protect” a property in return for collecting money from the property each day. This should not be confused with the protection a gangster has from being killed.

How it works

In each city, there are a number of properties which can be protected by a single gangster (or Butchie, during some periods) at any one time. There are four types of property (Airport, The Bank, Bullet Store and Blackjack) and 10 cities, which means there’s a total of 40 properties to protect. For each of these properties, you will find a “Protection” tab, which is where you can view protection details or make collections as the protector.

To take over a property from another gangster, there are two options. Firstly, you can kill the existing protector without using a silencer (or in backfire). Secondly, you can wait for the property’s “protection strength” to become empty, at which point a button appears which allows you to take over protection of the property.

At the start of a round, Butchie will protect every property. Butchie will also take over a property’s protection if the existing protector drops (cancels) their protection, or if the protector is killed silently.

Protection Strength

To prevent people from easily holding onto property for the entire round, there’s a Protection Strength system. This means each property can only be protected for a maximum period of 3 weeks at one time. The Protection Strength is represented as a bar which decreases in blocks (10 total) until empty. The bar system is designed to prevent anyone from knowing exactly when a property becomes available to take over - decreasing slowly to begin with and then speeding up later. Once the Protection Strength bar is empty, a button appears and anyone can take over protection.

To check the Protection Strength on a property, you must visit the property’s Protection tab and then click the “Check Protection Strength” button. You can then reload the strength bar up to once every 15 seconds using the Reload button to the right of the bar. Note that the protection strength could change while you’re waiting to reload, allowing someone else to take over the property.

The Protection Strength bar takes the following times to empty:


There are four types of property available to protect:


The protector of an Airport can collect 75% of sales made through the Airport at any time. Additionally, the protector and anyone in the same family as the protector can travel for half price from the protected Airport.

The Bank

The protector of a Bank collects 70% of all transfer fees charged for transfers made through the Bank. Additionally, the protector and anyone in the same family as the protector benefits from an increased savings interest rate.

Bullet Store

The protector of a Bullet Store can collect 40% of sales made through the store at any time. Additionally, the protector and anyone in the same family as the protector receives a 25% discount on bullets purchased from the protected Bullet Store.


The protector of a Blackjack table can collect 10% of the profit made through the Blackjack table on the previous game day. This means if the protector forgets to make a collection one day, they will lose out on those funds. Additionally, Blackjack tables aren’t always profitable which means the collection can be $0 on some days.