Gangster Nation Guide

The preferences screen allows you to setup notifications for the game as well as manage various other settings such as player blocks.


Push notifications

These are available on most Android devices and modern web browsers but are not available on Safari or iOS. You can toggle individual notification types from this screen and the notifications you receive are per device and not linked directly to your account. This means you can have notifications on one device and not on another.

Sound effects

You can also choose whether to have any sound effects the game uses muted or not. An example of where sound effects are used is when you win a Scratch & Win card or on Crack the Safe.

Change email address & password

Finally, the settings tab also allows you to change your account email and password if you signed up directly on the game. If you signed up through Facebook or Google then these options are not available.


You can use hideout mode to protect your gangster while on vacation or as a game tactic. While in hideout mode your gangster is protected from being killed but you’ll be unable to access the game. After entering the hideout, you’ll be presented with a screen displaying the amount of time remaining with a button to leave at any time.

The following restrictions apply to using hideout mode:


The blocks tab lets you view any existing blocks you have against other players. You can unblock any of the players you have blocked from this page.