Open Fire

Gangster Nation Guide

After you have located a player using detectives you can shoot them! Any player you are able to shoot will appear in the Open Fire screen. For you to be eligible to shoot a player the following criteria must be met:


If you meet the above criteria and have someone to shoot then be sure not to waste any time - they can travel away from you at any time. When shooting a player you must shoot a minimum of their level multiplied by 1000 bullets. For example, to shoot a level 40 you must fire at least 40k bullets.

When shooting another gangster various factors are taken into consideration including both gangsters level, health, firearms & bullets shot/fired back. If you shoot someone who is a higher level than you then you will need to overshoot to compensate for this. Your characters health (which can be seen on the overview screen) is also taken into consideration. If you have low health then your overall strength will be reduced leaving you more likely to be killed. If you have lost health, it will regenerate at 1% every minute.

You can enter a message that will be shown to the gangster you shoot if you successfully kill them. If you don’t kill them or you match, then the message is not shown anywhere.

You can also choose to use a silencer which will cost $500k. This will prevent any other gangsters getting a witness statement if you successfully kill the other gangster and will hide your kill but it will mean you don’t take over any properties or businesses the other gangster was protecting.

When you open fire on another Gangster there are 3 possible outcomes. You may kill them, die in their backfire, or match.

Successful kill

A successful kill will mean you receive the deceased gangsters money and and bounty cash they had placed on them. You will receive all of the bounty cash, however with regards to their money you will receive the total of the cash, bank and savings which hasn’t been reserved by life insurance. For example, if you kill someone who has 50% life insurance and had $10m from their cash, bank & savings account then you will receive $5m.

You will also take over any family businesses and properties that the gangster was protecting when they died. You will not take over any of these if you shoot with a silencer.

If you didn’t silence your shot then a witness statement will be sent out to a random gangster who is online and in your city when the shot is made. This gangster will automatically be tracking you and could, if they wanted to, shoot you back straight away. However, once you travel away from your current city they will no longer be tracking you.

Backfire death

If you shoot too little then you may end up dying in the other gangsters backfire. In this case you will need to create another character to keep on playing. You will be able to claim Life Insurance if you die through backfire.

If you die in backfire then the gangster you shot will take over any family businesses and properties you were protecting.


If you match it is because yours and the other gangsters strength (as explained above) were very similar. In this scenario instead of one gangster being outright killed, they will lose health instead. If you match then you can immediately shoot again as your detectives will remain on the case. However, the player you shot will receive an alert in game and be able to shoot straight back at you without setting their own detectives.

Kill & level points

If you successfully kill another gangster by opening fire on them first you will receive kill points for it. The amount of kill points you receive is equal to the level the other gangster. If you make a kill through backfire you will also receive kill points but the amount is half of the deceased’s level number.

You will also receive level points when you kill someone. The level points you receive is double the number of kill points you receive.


The Cut-throat and Assassinator accolades can be earned by killing other gangsters.