Gangster Nation Guide

Items can be purchased from 2 main places:

Most Items are only available in the Black Market, others are only available in the Credit Store. You can also obtain Items from other gangsters, either by having an Item transferred to you or by purchasing from the Auction House (function to transfer and auction Items coming soon).

You can view your items on the Inventory screen.


Bulk Bullets

Triples the maximum amount of bullets you can purchase from the Bullet Store at once.

Item is consumed by purchasing over 100 bullets in the Bullet Store.

Safe Assist

Gives you clues (up or down) for every attempt on Crack The Safe.

Item is activated immediately upon purchase in the Credit Store.

VT Bonus Reload

Each bonus reload enables you to look for more vehicles during Vehicle Theft.

Item is consumed by using the “Look for more vehicles” button in Vehicle Theft.