Gangster Nation is a free text based game which can be played from any web browser – both mobile devices and desktop computers. If you've played another gangster or mafia RPG, you will probably pick up the game quite quickly.


Playing the game, you will complete various tasks, most of these tasks will help you earn level points (also known as XP). The main tasks can be found under the "Crime Scene" section of the menu. Working through the levels (generally named "ranking" by the community) is one of the primary aspects of Gangster Nation. To level up as quickly as possible, you should attempt tasks as often as you can. There are also other ways to earn level points which you'll learn more about in other areas of the guide (such as Mentoring and Prison busting streaks).

There are 50 levels in the game and each level requires you to earn a certain number of level points before you reach the next one (the amount increases with each level, making each level more difficult to progress through).


You'll also earn money by completing tasks. You can then spend your money on various items and upgrades around the game.

Note that money held "on hand" can be taken by other players (through Extortion). As such, you should keep it in the bank where it's normally safe from extortion. Level 50 gangsters can extort money from people's bank accounts but it's more difficult than a standard extortion. To protect against bank extortions, you can move your money into a savings account (or hide it in other areas) where not even a Level 50 can touch your money.

There's also a "Wealth" figure on your profile showing roughly how much money you hold "on hand" and in your bank account, as such holding lots of money may attract unwanted attention - not just for extortion but from people who may want to kill you for your money. As you learn more about the game, you will find places where money can be hidden without it showing in your wealth. For example, there's your family's bank account, the stock market or investing the money into other commodities such as bullets or credits.


You can buy bullets from the Bullet Store, which restocks every hour. Additionally you can buy bullets from other players through the Auction House, create them by crushing cars in your garage or win them by playing Scratch & Win.

Stocking bullets is really important in Gangster Nation because you can kill and be killed. If you don't stock enough bullets, you'll be killed more easily. If you have spare money, it should probably be invested in bullets. You should never share your bullet count with other players.

Note that bullets in the game are not similar to real life. The figures are in the thousands, most players stock anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 bullets in one life. However very active players can stock over 100,000 bullets and sometimes into the millions.


Mafia Family, Gang, Crew - call it what you like, we call them Families here at Gangster Nation. It's a group of gangsters who come together to team up and work together. There are various advantages to being in a good family, for example you will generally protect each other, help each other earn more money plus there are family businesses which earn money for every family member.

Families are invite only. To join a family, you'll have to be invited. You can ask existing members to invite you but if you ask too often, you may annoy people and find yourself being blocked. The best way to find your way into a family is to make friends on the game naturally, then at some point you will probably be invited into a family with people you already know and can trust.

You should never pay anyone to join a family, this is a common scam.


An important part of the gangster life is killing. If you die on Gangster Nation, you lose all of your gangster's stats (money, bullets, level, etc) and must start again. However, some of your assets can be partially protected by taking out Life Insurance. You start the game with 5 days protection, so you have a chance to stock up on bullets and learn the ropes first.

Most importantly, for now, you need to know three things:

  1. Stock up on bullets, never stop stocking bullets.
  2. Upgrade your firearm when you can. This can be done by going to Open Fire and then Firearm.
  3. Set your "Backfire" amount to a sensible figure (set at Open Fire -> Firearm). This is the amount of bullets fired back at someone if they open fire on you. You want to set this high enough to kill off a potential attacker but low enough to survive multiple attacks. However, while your bullet count is low, you can keep it set to all of your bullets.

As a new player, you should concentrate on levelling up and stocking bullets. Killing isn't simple and it's also costly, you'll be able to learn more about killing other gangsters later.


To keep the game fresh and competitive, we run the game in rounds. Some people love it, others don't. It's something which has been a part of Gangster Nation for over 14 years. Rounds last around 4 months, you'll receive an alert in-game 2 weeks before the round ends. Each new round is a complete fresh start to the game, everything is reset and nothing carries over into a new round. This gives all players (both new and experienced) a chance to compete and complete new goals.

The difference between Gangster Nation and other games which run in rounds is that our round lengths are fixed and predictable, you don't have to worry about the game suddenly being reset one week while you're in the middle of executing a plan or trying to reach a certain level.


Credits are the game's premium currency, required to support the development and running of the game. These can be purchased using real life currency from the Credit Store and spent in various ways around the game to help give you a boost where required. Don't worry if you prefer to play the game for free though, you can purchase credits from other players via the Auction House and most players enjoy the game without ever purchasing credits. Additionally the game is well balanced in a way that people buying credits don't have any automatic advantage.


It's not against the rules for someone to scam you. Have your wits about you and think carefully before sending any money, bullets, credits, etc to another player. You should almost always use the Auction House when trading with other players. If you must trade outside of the Auction House, only do so with trusted friends.

User Agreement

Please make sure you have read the User Agreement before playing. In particular, you must not create more than one account and you must not allow others to access your account.