Gangster Nation Guide

Heists are co-op crimes where you work with other gangsters to steal a haul.

Every heist has a leader who starts the planning in a certain city and finds other members to join. The number of members needed depends on the type of heist. When all members have joined, are in the right city and are ready, the leader can give the signal – the heist then takes about 45 minutes after which all members receive the result in their alerts. If a member leaves the city before the heist completes, it fails.


When you’re in a heist, you’ll see a Manage button next to that heist, press this button to manage all aspects of the heist.

Find Members

This button shows a list of gangsters who are online and available to take part in a heist.

Team Chat

Each heist has a team chat (or more specifically, a team messaging group), where members of the heist can discuss the heist in private. The group is automatically closed 30 minutes after the heist ends.

Being a leader

To start planning your own heist, press the “Create” button under the type of heist you want to start. There is a cost to starting your own heist, shown on the button.

Make Public

You can press the “Make Public” button to make your heist public. When your heist is public, anyone can join an available position using the “Public Heists” button on the Heists page. Your heist can be made private again at any time, plus you can still issue direct invites while your heist is public.


To cancel your heist, just press the Cancel button. Refunds will be issued to members where necessary for equipment purchased, as well as to yourself for your planning costs. Inventory items and vehicles brought to the heist will be made available again.

Being a member


If you need to leave your heist, press the Leave button. Any equipment costs will be refunded, any items or vehicles will be made available to use again.

Heist types

Bank Robbery

Team size (including leader): 4

Wait time between attempts: 8 hours

Level points

Fail: 0 level points.

Pass: 1 level point for every $1,000,000 the team takes.


The Bank Job accolade can be earned through Bank Robbery.

Delivery Heist

Team size (including leader): 3

Wait time between attempts: 6 hours

Level points

Fail: 0 level points.

Pass: 1 level point for every 1,000 bullets the team takes.


The Heist Master accolade can be earned through Delivery Heist.