Family Banking

Gangster Nation Guide

The Family Banking is where the main family assets (Money and Bullets) are managed.


There are three ways the family bank gains money:

  1. Donations from members.
  2. Earnings from family businesses.
  3. A cut taken from each member’s crime earnings, described in the Earnings Deduction section below.

Withdrawing money

VIP Members and Bosses can withdraw an unlimited amount of money at any time.

The withdrawal of money by Normal Members and Higher Members is controlled by the VIP Members and Bosses. Withdrawals can be disabled, set to a limited amount of money per day or set to unlimited.

All money withdrawals are subject to 10% tax, e.g. withdrawing $100,000 leaves you with $90,000.


Bullets can be donated to the family bank by members. The only way bullets can then be removed is by using the Distribute function which is available to VIP Members and Bosses. When bullets are distributed, the entire bullets balance is split between all members equally.

Before bullets can be distributed, the family must have been active for 5 days, the family must have at least 4 members and there must be at least 1,000 bullets in the bank.