Family Banking

Gangster Nation Guide

The Family Bank is where all members can deposit money and bullets towards helping the family out. The bosses & VIP members can withdraw an unlimited amount of money from the bank, subject to a 20% tax, whilst higher members can withdraw depending on the limits set by VIPs and bosses.

When depositing money there is no charge. For example, if you deposit $1m, the family bank will increase by $1m.

Daily distribution

VIPs and bosses can set the daily distribution. The distribution is calculated at 8PM after the family earnings for the day have been totalled up. The total amount taken from the family bank is the % set and this percentage is then distributed equally between members.

Earnings deduction

VIPs and bosses can set an earning deduction for members. This is a cash cut taken from all crimes that a member successfully completes. There is no cut taken from Bank Robberies. For example, if the earnings deduction is 10% and you extort another gangster for $10,000. Your family will take $1,000 and you will be left with $9,000.


Family members can also donate bullets to the family bank however these bullets can not be withdrawn. They can only be distributed between members. VIP members and bosses can distribute any amount of bullets up to the current bullet balance. The number of bullets each member receives is equally split. For example, if you have 10 members and distribute 10,000 bullets each member will receive 1,000 bullets.

The minimum number of bullets you can distribute is 1000.

Before distributing bullets your family must have been active for 5 days and also must have at least 4 members.