Family Bank

Gangster Nation Guide

The Family Bank is where your family’s money is managed.

There are three ways for the family bank balance to grow:

  1. Donations from members.
  2. Earnings from family businesses.
  3. A cut taken from each member’s crime earnings (see Earnings Deduction below).

Withdrawing money

VIP Members and Bosses can withdraw an unlimited amount of money at any time.

Other members can only withdraw if the family bosses (and VIP members) enable this setting and there may be a limit on the amount of money which can be taken each day.

All money withdrawals are subject to 10% tax, e.g. withdrawing $100,000 leaves you with $90,000.

Earnings deduction

The family bosses can choose to have a percentage of all member’s crime earnings contributed to the family bank. The option to set this appears for bosses and VIP members on the Settings tab of the family bank. Earnings deductions are added to the bank on an hourly basis.