Bank Robbery

Gangster Nation Guide

The Bank Robbery crime is the biggest paying crime on Gangster Nation with a maximum payout of $25m!

How it works

You’ll need to team up with 3 others to give it a shot. In total, a Bank Robbery needs a leader, a driver and two other members to buy equipment.

The leader of the robbery must pay $250k to set one up. They must then invite a protection member, a weapons member and a driver.

Whoever is serving as the protection member must buy suitable gear from the following:

The weapons member must also buy suitable gear for the robbery, they can choose from the following:

The success chance for your bank robbery will be higher if you choose the more expensive equipment when compared to the less expensive equipment.

The driver must choose a getaway car which will hold the money and escape the cops who’ll be on your back. The success chance of the robbery is heavily affected by the car you choose but so is the haul range. If your driver chooses a vehicle with a high top speed and quick 0-60 value the success chance will be higher but if you have a vehicle with a high cargo your haul range will increase.

At the end of the robbery the driver’s vehicle will take damage before being returned. The amount of damage it receives is random and if the total damage of the vehicle exceeds 99% then it will be abandoned and you won’t get it back.

Payout & Success Chance

The payout you can receive and the chance of passing is based on the equipment and vehicle you have chosen. You can see what the chance of success and haul range (payout) is on the bank robbery screen. The actual payout you can receive is based on the haul range. It is more likely to be somehwere near the lower end of the scale - the upper end requires a bit more luck.

All members must be in the correct city for the Bank Robbery. If you fly away as it happens then you will fail no matter what your success chance!

Level points

The level points you get for a Bank Robbery depend on whether you pass or fail. If you pass you get 1 point for every $1m stolen but if you fail you get 0.

Wait timer

The wait time for Bank Robberies is 8 hours.


The Bank Job accolade can be earned through Bank Robbery.